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Be a Part of TEAM Single Jingles! Support TCF!
All donations are tax deductible and go to the Testicular Cancer Foundation (501c3 non-profit)

What is TEAM Singles Jingles?
TEAM Single Jingles is comprised of the multitudes of people - just like you - who support the efforts of the Testicular Cancer Foundation by raising awareness and funds in their mission to save lives!

To get started, just click on the box to the right that says "Create a Fundraising Page"!
It only takes a minute to set up!

Can I Simply Make a Donation?
Absolutely! The easiest way to make a donation is to go to the "Donations Page" on our website right here!

Can I Set Up a Fundraising Page Myself?
Yes! We'd love you to set up a fundraising page and help us raise money and awareness for the Testicular Cancer Foundation. We have people raising money for races, walk-a-thons, bowling tournaments, and other fun events. Some members of TEAM Single Jingles set up a fundraising page to celebrate their birthday, a "Cancer-versary", or to honor a loved one! Be creative! There are so many ways you can help raise funds for our cause.

To get started, just click on the box to the right that says "Create a Fundraising Page"!
It only takes a minute to set up!

How do I Contribute to a Friend's Page
Look over to the right and you'll see a list of "Fundraisers" - scroll through them to find the fundraising page you're looking for. Click on that page and you'll be able to contribute directly to that specific page!

How do I Start / Join a Team?
Sometimes, a group of friends want to combine together to form a "team" to raise funds for TEAM Single Jingles (a 5k is a typical example).

To start a team (or join one) simply follow this easy 2-step process:
Step 1: First register and sign-up as an individual.
Step 2: Then just follow the instructions to either "start" or "join" a team!

Thanks for your support! Here's a fun video from TEAM of great parents who wanted to share their experience in having that "awkward" talk with their sons! Go TEAM Single Jingles! Parents Gone Awkward

All donations are tax deductible and go to the Testicular Cancer Foundation (501c3)

Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Sawmill Camping Resort $500.00
Bryan & Catherine Bryan & Catherine $50.00
Pete Vente $100.00
Rob Anderson $50.00 Enjoy Showdown Sunday, sorry I can't be there.
jason millar $10.00 hard to send money from the UK. ..they think it's a scam and blocked my credit card? ?? lol...but have managed it just for you! x
Giles Chick $25.00 Happy anniversary Gavin! Hope to see you before too long.
Dwane Martin $25.00
Joyce and John Spooner $350.00 keep us informed as to how it goes love to all
Joyce Spooner $150.00 I hope it all goes well on Sunday would love to have been there with you enjoy your day
Randi and Eric Lackscheide $25.00 Saving one ball at a time.. Let's get this started.
Anonymous Donor $25.00 Justin does a fantastic job seeing that everyone has a great time at Sawmill, and now he is trying to help other guys beat Testicular Cancer. Everyone that has ever been to Sawmill needs to give back and help Justin out with this cause.
Matt H $10.00 It was a pleasure meeting y'all today in El Paso. Best wishes for the rest of your journey, and keep up the great work, gentlemen.
Anonymous Donor $50.00
Brian Thompson $5.00
Anonymous Donor $10.00 Safe travels.
Anonymous Donor $10.00 Ride on!
Anonymous Donor $10.00 Prayers for safe travels for you guys & for lives to be saved through your mission to make the public aware of testicular cancer & early detection! May God richly bless on this journey.
Justin Pamplin $100.00 Team Sawmill
Katerina Koufalis $25.00 You got this Chris!!!
Magnolia Pitiquen $25.00 There is hope and cure under the sun.
Anonymous Donor $100.00
Jan Olav Halle $100.00 Greetings from Norway
Tom Copeland $29.50 God bless You Tyler!
Debbie Chromcak $50.00 D and I are so proud of you for participating!!! Love you!!
marcia jaffe $200.00 You're my hero Doug! Thank you for all that you are doing with being fully who you are. You are making such a huge difference in this world!
Jaime Orf $40.00 Way to go Tyler!
Rena Hammerness $25.00
Kathy and Tom Mitchell $50.00 Best of luck, Tyler...have a great, safe run!
Edgar Roades $29.50 Good luck, Tyler. It's good that you are doing this.
Randall and Delise Becker $50.00 What a worthy cause!
Chris Wisnieski $50.00 Hope things are great at Baylor. :)
Beth Jones $25.00
Michelle Dominy $50.00 Thank you Tyler!
Dale, Kelly & Keaton Wisnieski $100.00 Run Tyler run!!!!! You go girl!!!! We are so proud of you and love you very much!!!!!
John and Jan Alexander $50.00 Way to go Tyler! Love, The Alexanders
Carole Roades $29.50 Thanks for doing this for such a needed cause.
Deborah Meyer $50.00
Carlos Brown $100.00
Peggy, Murray & Camryn Martin $500.00 Cheering Tyler and her team on as they race to battle cancer. So proud of you, Tyler. You bless our lives every day. God bless you and your team!!! Love you! Mom, Dad, and Camryn
Sharon Ebarb $250.00
Pattie & Harry Falber $125.00
Helen & Roger Knudsen $200.00 We are so happy you came through this so well and we are proud that you are helping to fight this disease! We love you and Chrissie and look forward to many healthy and happy years.
John & Helen Kordonjh $100.00 God bless you. We love you and are praying for you always.
Sherry Bounds $100.00
Colleen Cowperthwait $25.00 Great idea to start this up...hoping you both stay safe and healthy and have a great Christmas and New Year.
Leslie Magner $25.00 Wishing you a very speedy and successful recovery!
Steven Magner $100.00 Glad to hear surgery was a success. Wishing good health to you and your family. Steve
Chris Dini $50.00
Laurie and Mark Ryan $50.00
Leslie Emanuel $100.00
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